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Welcome to Roxby Downs Kindergarten

Roxby Downs Kindergarten is a DECD site.

As the only kindergarten in Roxby Downs, we strive to provide a friendly, high quality educational service for the children and families in our community. Our kindergarten is a safe place - a safe place for children to learn about themselves, others and the world and where learning can be fun, meaningful, exciting, and engaging.

At Roxby Downs Kindergarten we honour the importance of each child’s belonging, being and becoming. We honour the importance of:

Our personalised curriculum values and supports children’s needs and rights, and draws upon the children’s ideas, questions, and experiences. As a diverse community the curriculum we provide aims to fully support each child to participate as a valued member of the group. Staff members work alongside children as partners in their learning processes and documenters of their successes and discoveries throughout the year.

We believe that strong partnerships with families are essential in providing the best opportunities to young children. A trusting relationship between families and staff members ensures our curriculum and daily practice is culturally appropriate, and provides support and advice in the important role of parenting. The kindergarten links with other local services to ensure that the families of Roxby Downs also experience a sense of belonging, being and becoming within the community.

Our work is underpinned by the principles of the Belonging, Being & Becoming Early Years Learning Framework:

Staff members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, collaborative, and committed to ensuring our everyday practice reflects this educational philosophy.

group photo of staff

Please contact us for any further information or to arrange a time to visit our Kindergarten.